Monday, 3 March 2014

Something Solid

When they first spoke the word "solid"
I am dead sure it was to speak of a man just like you

You are like roots under a tree 
No matter how she sways, 
Or what stirs her fragile branches, 
You hold her to you as your own 
Ever growing, ever changing 
But forever the axis that she revolves upon

When they first rolled the word "solid" in their mouths
They tasted the soul and sinew of a man just like you

Because you are a bed of rock 
Beneath a sea of tumultuous waves 
When the moon tempts the ocean 
And pulls her in to dance, 
She holds on to your firm shoulders 
And anchors herself to you.

When I first used the word "solid" to describe a man, 
It was you that planted the word upon my tongue

Because you are a compass that never fails
A beacon in an inky forest
In these times of fear and trepidation, 
Your firm but gentle heartbeat 
Is the only guide navigating
This wayward wanderer on