Saturday, 10 September 2011

On a Birthday

I'm awkward when it comes to my birthday. Sometimes I'm cranky because I miss my family, especially my little brother who I (almost) share a birthday with. Sometimes I'm excited. Sometimes I want to flop. I'm a difficult person to plan a birthday for. I keep changing my mind and even when I say I don't care, I've realised I actually do.

That's why this post is dedicated to my friends and family. Especially my friends here in college. They tolerate my tantrums, they suffer through my angsty texts and mean glares and they get together and make me feel like I'm the only thing that matters to them. Even when they're LATE. Yes, even then, they make birthdays amazing for a birthday-hater like me.

To Diya, Rashi, Ann, Anna, Kalyani, Meghaa. I know how hard you guys try. I know it isn't easy to get me in a good mood on my birthday. But you guys do it, somehow. Because of you guys, I know how amazing and un-ordinary a birthday can be. Because of you guys, I let down my guard and actually have a good time. Because of you guys, Delhi will always be where I had the most insane birthdays. I've never had these, you know. These big affairs, with presents and cakes and parties. You guys spoil me. And I love you.

To David and Aayush, who were on time with that crazy gift. Who make me laugh endlessly. Who have witnessed my weirdest moments and never judged. Who love me even after all the Drama. Who ask me for advice and make me feel like an authority on things. Who are always there for girl-rating in the cafe.

To Amit and Rose, who listened to me crib because my birthday was boring in Delhi. Who promised me a big bang when I get home. Rose, with your cakes and purple cards and birthday craziness. Amit, with this endless messages that make me feel like the only girl in the world. You two keep me sane, everyday.

To Mamma and Papa, for bringing me home, knowing how badly I wanted to be around them when I turned 21. For watching me grow up without driving yourselves and me too crazy. For the quiet birthday dinners that I'll always love.

To my Abu. Who is THE most important person in the month of August. The one who shares a cake with me every year without complaining. The one who walked around with me all over the city trying to find me a gift I liked. The one who grudgingly listens to me as I ramble. It isn't a birthday without you.

This year, I had the best of both worlds. And I couldn't have turned 21 in a better way. I love you guys.

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  1. It's so good when someone acknowledges and thanks
    friends for their loving kindness.