Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Rose

I still remember in 10th standard Geography class when I was pulled up by Liz Miss for talking and asked to read aloud this poem. Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever. The class thought it was a love poem for Rose and teased me endlessly. I died a little that day, I tell you! And never had the courage to share my poetry. Till now. Boo Yeah! 

Sensual incantation of scent
Blood-red heavenly angel sent
Pricking the fox who dares
Approach thy thorny lair

Passionate tango of romance
Thy fragrance with senses dance
Inebriated as they float along
Sways each to thy crimson song

Petals of gentleness adorning thee
Robes of scarlet jealousy
Regally they shroud thy soul
Sweet perfume so softly unfolds

As thee, my life takes shape
These dusty words, my escape
Thorny eyes protect inside
Soft, red scent, within I hide

As wild like vermilion fire
Thy radiance do I desire
Unbending under command
Of wind or rain or sun to stand