Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Love Letter to Economics

You lured me in with your charm
The big names, fancy statistics
I was attracted to your novelty
The newness was my honey

There is no steady state with you
Keep working, keep improving, keep learning
Before the others have a comparative advantage
In vying for your attention

Hoping for positive returns, I tried
To understand your angles and curves
But they twist behind me and tie my wrists
Like handcuffs. I know nothing about you

You watched me follow you,
Random walk. You burst my bubble
And held the hands of another
I felt a sudden deflation of self esteem

I gave up, blamed your contradictions
Your paradoxes confounded me
The books I read for you dust over
My expectations bearish

Then I began to find the kinder side of you
Removing poverty, building bridges
As you orchestrated booms and busts
Your alter-ego intrigued me

After all these years, even today I pine for you
Short, long and medium run
I imagine a future with you
Even as I know you may never understand me


  1. Sigh Economics always eluded me...my college years were a nightmare.

  2. Cool poem and Nice blog...I also have followed you.

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    All the best for twentytwelve..


  3. Purba,

    Some of us are just not understood by Economics.


  4. Lovely. Curves and angles twisting into a handcuff is an image that's going to stay in my mind for a while. I appreciate this poem more because I studied physics at college but my love for the subject didn't turn into a long-term relationship. But I too miss physics, even four decades later.

    The ability to laugh at oneself is a great quality in a writer. Keep writing.

  5. Santanu,

    Thank you. Your words mean a lot.

  6. The beauty of numbers seem to leak through into these beautiful words..Jae

  7. Such a beautiful piece of poetry. You write so well and express your thoughts and feelings in an impressive way.i ll share this useful writing style in my social profiles as well anyways Keep up the good work!