Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ladies Compartment

Ass grabbery seems to be a man's favourite pastime when he finds himself in a crowd. I don't know why you people do it, because it gives us no pleasure whatsoever. I don't know why it gives you any satisfaction. You don't see women grabbing mens' bodies, do you? Your sheer insolence disgusts me. I don't mean to attack all males. Only the ones who think they have the liberty, if not the right, to feel random women up whenever the opportunity presents itself. And if the women so much as gives him a dirty look or shouts, he just pretends like it never happened, as does everyone else in the vicinity. At a crowded station, you see the men shout, hurling abuses at each other, a sea of aggressive bodies forcing themselves into a train. I have not seen a more stark contrast between the genders.

Welcome do Delhi Metro's ladies' compartment: keval mahilayen. Here, no one attacks you. Here, young people stand up for older ones. Here, everyone is less irritated and less fearful of a ghost hand coming from somewhere in the crowd for a quick feel. Here, a little nudging doesn't make you as nervous. Here, when a toddler walks across the compartment and is prone to fall, at least five hands reach out to hold him. Motherly instincts come to the fore. Conversation is easier, stares are not so much to antagonise but to tell someone their shoes are pretty (or ugly). A lot of it is because the compartment is less crowded. But to me, our race's gentleness makes it's graceful appearance in the first two cars of every train.

Sure, there are still the odd fights for seats. There are still women who push and shove to get ahead and when the train stops at Connaught Place, you are still going to be squeezed in between bodies and pushed out the door. But all of it is a lot less nauseating in the ladies' compartment.


  1. Keval Mahilayen, seems like a Utopia for some
    women - not threatening and sisterly love.

  2. @Cynthia

    Utopia indeed, especially when it's 6:30 and you're in Rajiv Chowk. :D

  3. Hmm atleast there is 1 safe place for girls in Delhi

  4. Its the same on Mumbai locals. The way I see it, a first class ladies compartment smells of expensive perfume and shampooed hair while the second class often has the smell of fish, fruits and candied sweets! But come peak time, there is no way that I'll venture towards the general compartments. A bit of squeezing and prodding that need to be borne while on a ladies compartment is bearable, because you know its not happening for vicarious pleasure! :)

  5. Agreed! There is some sense of security in knowing you are jammed up against someone who isn't going to take advantage of the crowd!